Vaccine Inequity in Pandemic; A fertilizer for SARS-CoV2

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Amrit Pokhrel


The world has been suffering for 2 years. SARS-CoV2 has been a challenge for the whole human kind. Every day we hear of a huge number of People dying of this Covid-19. There is not even a single country that hasn't experienced the bitterness of this disease. It has already been more than a year since the first vaccine was approved against Covid 19.1 Every one in the world were full of Joy when this news broke through. There was a huge relief in everyone's tired mind. People started to think about the end of Covid-19. However, the scenario is far from over.

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Pokhrel A. Vaccine Inequity in Pandemic; A fertilizer for SARS-CoV2. JKEHR [Internet]. 2022 Mar. 19 [cited 2024 Jun. 20];1(1):72-3. Available from:
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